Christian Drug Abuse Treatment

The Recovery Place Christian Drug Abuse Treatment Programs utilize traditional addiction treatment enhanced by teachings of the Bible. This positive approach will better equip you and your loved ones with practical, specific and spiritual understanding of how to recover from addiction.

Our Christian drug abuse rehab program will help you:

  • Come to terms with your past
  • Help you enter into a healthy, positive and God-centered future
  • Provide a framework to help you understand how to live fully, and with forgiveness and strength
  • Utilize The Bible as that framework and help you carry out those lessons beyond our Christian drug abuse treatment

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Do I have to be a Christian?

Maybe you already have God firmly in your life.  Maybe you have a vague sense that you want and need God’s help for the first time.  Or maybe while in a desperate state of loneliness and hurt – hating life, you somehow lost your faith and trust along the way.

The Recovery Place Christian Drug Abuse treatment programs are important to different people for different reasons, but for the same goal—Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction through a God-centered life.

What makes our Christian Drug Abuse Programs so Powerful?

Many Christian drug abuse programs only offer Bible study as a support during drug rehab. At The Recovery Place addiction treatment center our Christian drug abuse programs are run by Christian counselors who have both professional addiction credentials, but also are Christians themselves.

Understanding the Bible isn’t just a sidebar—it is a unifying theme that is integrated into all parts of the treatment process. Each of our integrated programs will provide you or your loved one with relapse tools and a solid aftercare program with a strong Christian focus. With God’s help, you can find a new Christ-centered life free from drugs and alcohol.  Hope for the future.

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